My breeding philosophy

working ability for useful dogs to human society

I've always been impressed with dog's versatility and how invaluable they are to human society. They have skills we don't have and they are willing to help us take advantage of it. Dogs are descended from wolves, a pack animal, so it's normal for most of them to accept a certain hierarchy and to cooperate. Great! But then, what makes a useful dog to human society? The hard work of breeders to maintain working ability in the breed!

Not all German Shepherds are created equal. Within different bloodlines and even, within the same litter, some puppies will show more working ability than their littermates. It is the breeder's responsability to keep the puppy with the best working qualities and later, to train and test it in obedience, protection and detection. If the growing puppy's drives aren't sufficient, the dog must be retired from breeding. If the dog has great potential but minor defaults, then it's the breeder's responsability to breed to an appropriate male. To have a clear vision, it is important to train, and ideally title every dog meant for breeding purposes.

Through the years, I trained and/or competed in many dog's sports. I tried to keep an open mind. To me, protection sports are a test for breeding dogs. Through training and competitions, it is possible to see the strengths and weaknesses of dogs. However, some protection sports have more limitations than others. Some dogs would only bite decoys they know… others can't deal with environmental pressure: they would not bite or go off the bite if they are on slippery floors, for example.

In 2017, the sport of PSA caught my attention (pictures above). Intense pressure from the decoys and the environment, civil and suit bites, muzzle attacks. In PSA 3, guidelines are provided to the judges to make scenarios for a courage test, call-off, test of environmental stability, and a searching exercise or muzzle attack. These scenarios are NOT known to the handlers except until the day of the trial. Same as in real life : a policeman can't predict the outcome of every intervention with his dog. He must rely on the dog's training and nerves. Because of the surprise scenario nature of the trials, and high level of training, many law enforcement K9 teams are giving PSA a try.

German Shepherd conformation (beauty)
Breeders of purebred dogs should also consider conformation. Every breed has their standard as to what they should look like: when considered by breeders, this is what makes a German Shepherd look like one through the generations. This is also what makes them physically efficient in their work. A dog with weak pasterns will be predisposed to injuries. So, is conformation important to me? Absolutely!!!! In 1998, I began with German Show lines. In 2013, I switched to working lines. I prefer their physical aspect and straighter backs.
I like things related to health and biology and read a lot on the subject. In my early twenties, I've worked many years in veterinarian clinics. I also have an interest in genetics. This experience is helping me in the breeding of dogs.
Health, as we all know, is associated to lifestyle habits. Healthy weight, appropriate physical exercice, fresh-unprocessed various food, and the minimal use of chemical products linked to cancer in the food and environment. A happy dog is also important to health!!
According to the OFA, hips and elbows dysplasia affects almost all breeds to different degrees. Despite the research, responsible genes (IF it's hereditary), haven't been identified. It is believed that environmental factors during growth (overweight, jumps/heavy exercices, food) influence the gravity of this malformation. Once the puppy is sold, I have no control on its lifestyle's conditions - so, obviously, I can't be held responsible and offer a dysplasia guarantee. As a breeder, I am doing my job : All of my breeding dogs are certified free of H/E dysplasia. They come from European bloodlines that were all certified through generations. I choose stud dogs known for being good H/E producers. Puppies are kept lean, they are fed a top quality food and raised on non-slippery floors.

Puppies' care

Puppies are born and raised in the house in a non-smoking environment. The whelping box is kept clean and warm with the use of a brooder lamp. Of course, I am assisting my dog when needed during delivery and I identify each pup with its own color band. It helps me keep notes and to do a follow up. Puppies are extremely well socialized to humans and differents noises and environments. During the socialization period, they are exposed to new situations every day.

Puppies are NOT vaccinated here, unless required by law. I am a NR Breeder. They are weaned on BIG COUNTRY RAW. Before they leave to their new homes, they will be examed by a veterinarian and their stools analyzed for the presence of intestinal parasites. All puppies will be tattooed (right ear) and registered with the CKC. You will receive a 4 generations pedigree with the registration certificate. Puppies come with a written guarantee that includes infectious diseases (parvo-distemper).