8 puppies born on March 2, 2019

2 bicolor males - 2 solid black males - 1 bicolor female - 3 solid black females
Gilmo Vikar
Gilmo Vikar puppies
SG - Witch von Wendelin
AD, PDC-SD, FPr1, SPr1
Witch von Wendelin puppies
***No puppies from this breeding will be sold to pet homes. Puppies available to EXPERIENCED, PROVEN working homes only. Priority will be given to Law Enforcement, PSA or IPO homes.***
Gilmo (call name 'Kroc') is a dominant and serious dog with rock solid nerves. He is a methodical concentrated tracker and his food drive is insane: He would heel the entire IPO obedience routine in hopes of one piece of kibble. His obedience is quick, intense and flashy.
In protection, he shows a lot of natural aggression and his grips are like no other. Any helper (IPO) or decoy (PSA) is impressed with his monster/crushing grips. He is very respected by every decoy who has worked him. In 2017, Gilmo qualified to be part of team USA to represent his country at the IPO world championship (WUSV). He is also the 2018 PSA1 National Champion! Scores earned with the highest distinction.
So far, Gilmo’s progeny have shown excellent nerve and health. The ones that have been radiographed look excellent in both hips and elbows, no TV.
Gilmo is the son of Ängsbacken’s Rosso, 2007 WUSV Champion with scores of 100-97-97. Also, a very strong bloodline to improve H/E. Both Caro van Brandevoort (Witch’s sire) and Ängsbacken’s Rosso (Gilmo’s sire) have produced many police dogs.
Gilmo’s owner and trainer, Theresa Currier, said that if she ever has the chance to own another dog even half of Gilmo’s caliber, she will be lucky: he is truly a once in a lifetime dog.
Expecting short coats bicolors and solid blacks. (Gilmo carries the solid black recessive gene).
This is a very special breeding from which I plan on keeping the pick female puppy. Gilmo was born in the Czech Republic and lives in South Carolina, USA.

Gilmo's videos

Puppies pedigree

( 5,5 on Yoschy vd Döllenwiese)

Gilmo Vikar

Hips fast-normal / elbows normal ('A' - Germany, SV)
V-Ängsbacken's Rosso
SchH3, BHP3, IPO3, KKL2

Hips normal ('A' Sweden)

V-Kimbo von Karthago
SchH3, IPO3, FH2, KKL1
Hips normal ('A' - Germany, SV)
SG-Satoris Yolly
Hips normal ('B' Denmark)
SG-Bauli Vikar

Hips normal (0/0 - Czech)
SG-Ellute von der Mohnwiese
SchH3, FH1, KKL1
Hips normal ('A' - Germany, SV)
G-Eli Va-Pe
Hips normal ('A' Slovakia)
SG-Witch von Wendelin
AD, PDC-SD, FPr1, SPr1

Hips / elbows normal ('A' - Germany, SV)
Degenerative myelopathy : Normal, non-carrier
SG-Caro van Brandevoort

Hips / elbows normal ('A' - Holland)
SG-Jucan von Peroh
SchH3, FH2, KKL1
Hips / elbows normal ('A' - Germany, SV)
G-Ouchie von der Schiffslache
Hips normal ('A' - Holland)
SG-Gaby z Jeníku
ZVV1, StPr1, FPr3, IPO3, KKL1

Hips / elbows normal (0/0 - 0/0 - Czech)
SG-Atila z Kočičího dvora
IPO3, ZPO1, SchH2, ZVV1, KKL2
Hips normal (0/0 - Czech)
SG-Erky z Holýkova
Hips normal (0/0 - Czech)