Some of my clients giving their opinions.

I never thought I would find such a perfect dog. I had been looking for the last 2 years.

Casch vom Hexenrudel, Kash, (out of Irck x Witch) is the easiest going puppy I've ever met. He takes everything in stride. He learns willingly and easily. We are already working on obedience and agility and he is constantly impressing me with how fast he learns. He is also an incredibly biddable dog. Although he is growing by leaps and bounds, he is doing fabulously with my other two smaller dogs. He is respectful of the cat, too.

I think that the foundation he got at his breeder's house along with a good genes makes him the puppy he is. Although I can't wait for him to grow up and start competing, I am loving the journey with such an incredible puppy. It is so obvious that Myriam knows how to make a good dog. I am excited to share my life with him.

Lisa Antonucci, USA

J'ai récemment adopté un chiot auprès de cet éleveur (portée Irck de la Hutte du Berger X Witch Von Wendelin). J'ai fait beaucoup d'appels et de recherches afin de trouver un bon éleveur avant d'arrêter mon choix, et je n'aurais pas pu faire meilleur choix.

Pour Myriam, l'élevage de bergers allemands est une vocation. Elle connait très bien la race, et sa lignée (génétique et conformation). Elle se tient très informée et à jour sur les nouveautés pour s'assurer de produire les meilleurs chiens de travail possible.

Myriam demeure ma référence numéro 1 lorsque j'ai des questions de quelques natures que ce soit (alimentation, vaccination, croissance, etc.). Elle offre un service post-adoption plus que remarquable. Je sais que je peux toujours compter sur elle et sur son expérience. Elle répond très rapidement à mes questions et peut me recommander des livres ou des articles scientifiques au besoin.

Il ne fait aucun doute que Myriam veut non seulement ce qu'il y a de mieux pour sa lignée, mais également pour préserver la force, la santé, la conformation et la polyvalence de la race. Dès les premiers jours de la naissance des chiots, elle effectue différents protocoles pour désensibiliser les chiots et les habituer à différents environnements, sons, odeurs, etc. Son dévouement fait toute la différence et assure un excellent départ à ses chiots.

Mon chiot a une force mentale remarquable, est confiant, enjoué et joueur. Il apprend rapidement et est très équilibré. À l'entrainement, il a un très bon "food drive" et "prey drive". C'est facile d'avoir son attention et sa concentration. J'ai visité mon vétérinaire pour la première fois avec lui la semaine dernière et celle-ci est d'avis que j'ai un chien avec un excellent potentiel pour la compétition. Elle a tout de suite remarqué son excellente motivation pour la nourriture et sa conformation. Merci Myriam!

Jenny Ouellette, Québec, Canada

I have a pup from Witch von Wendelin X Irck de la Hutte du Berger. From the moment he stepped out of the airline crate he was social and confident. He has excellent food drive and has super prey drive. He takes on new environments, loud sounds and all kinds of different situations with ease and confidence. No dog aggression, and very engaged with me.

This boy is super smart and so much fun to work with. On top of having an excellent puppy that is a super candidate for PSA, Myriam has been a pleasure to work with and get to know. Since our first video chat she had my attention with her knowledge and passion for her dogs and the breed. She is very open about her program and easy to talk to, Myriam is definitely a great example of a dedicated breeder who puts so much time into her litters from nutrition to exposure to all the testings she does of their temperament and nerves. Myriam has become more than just a breeder to me but a friend.

I also had an amazing experience with the puppy web cam. I am across the country from her but I could log onto the puppy cam at any time and watch the puppies play, nurse and interact with each other. Myriam sent tons of video of all the tests she puts the pups through and this decision was very tough because this litter was so consistent all around. I will absolutely recommend vom Hexenrudel!

Erin DeVisser, Alberta, Canada

Absolutely incredible breeder. Have a 3 year old German Shepherd from the "vom Hexenrudel" breeder (Ibon Jipo-Me x Witch) The breeder has been nothing short of amazing in terms of follow up care of her dogs. This person really cares and it shows. Every question I had in the past 3 years was always answered with the utmost sincerity and care. I have spoken to countless breeders before this one takes it all.

You will get an amazing, stable, beautiful dog that can do it all! Consider yourself very lucky if you were able to get a "Vom Hexenrudel" dog. Thank you for everything!

Sergei Vishovski, Ontario, Canada

I knew from my first interaction with Myriam, the breeder behind vom Hexenrudel, that she cared deeply for her dogs. I had the privilege of meeting Myriam and her dogs on two occasions before bringing my female vom Hexenrudel puppy home. Myriam has always been and continues to be pleasant, knowledgeable, helpful and supportive, and she has demonstrated that her work and care for the puppy does not stop once it leaves her home.

She is a wealth of knowledge on raw feeding, puppy development, bite work and obedience training, important dog accessories and the German Shepherd Dog in general.

I had the pleasure of picking Myriam's brain on her breeding program, philosophies (food, training, GSDs, etc.), GSD orthopedics and many more topics. I felt inspired by her passion for GSDs and her determination to choose the best possible pairing for her breeding program and preservation of the GSD breed.

I met Myriam's dogs in her backyard, all were very neutral to my fiancé and I – we were complete strangers. Never any over interest or aggression. I was very impressed with their temperaments, appearance, health and agility. Definitely the most agile GSDs I have ever laid my eyes on. Amongst the bunch was Myriam's senior male GSD (not a part of the breeding program), his mobility and alertness at his age (14) proved to me that Myriam takes her natural rearing and raw dog food diet seriously and it truly does wonders for her dogs.

Cree vom Hexenrudel from the 'C' litter out of Irck and Witch is everything I was looking for in a GSD. She is intelligent, inquisitive, bold, independent, spicy and has high drives. She has taken everything I have thrown at her in stride and I have Myriam's careful research of genetics and early exposure to thank. Did I forget to mention Cree is a looker? I am over the moon with how she is maturing, and her conformation is the epitope of selective breeding!

Before discovering vom Hexenrudel, I was actively looking for a GSD to be an IGP competition dog. When I saw the breed pairing of Irck and Witch I knew that was where I would find this dog. Cree has been a complete joy to work with and has prey, food and pack drives to spare, I am very excited for our future together and grateful every single day that Myriam entrusted me with one of her very special dogs.

Bailey Pollock, Ontario, Canada