8 puppies born on September 22, 2020

6 males (4 sable - 2 black) and 2 females (1 sable - 1 black)

Quick look at the work I do to socialize puppies

V - Irck de la Hutte du Berger
Irck de la Hutte du Berger puppies
SG - Witch von Wendelin
AD, PDC-SD, FPr1, SPr1
Witch von Wendelin puppies
Irck was born in France but raised in Germany. He was imported to Canada at the age of 7 years old.
Irck is the winner of the 2017 German IPO Championships (BSP) with scores of 100,93,96=289 He defeated more than 125 top dogs that year! He is also a WUSV competitor!
Irck is a social dog, very clear-headed with super strong/stable nerves. Very good with handler, no conflict, endless drive. He is extremely fast and so is his obedience. Irck is athletic and a very good jumper. He has been used extensively in Europe for breedings and has proven to be a super producer!

Puppies pedigree

No common ancestry in 5 generations

V-Irck de la Hutte du Berger

Hips / elbows normal (Germany)
Back : Normal (LÜW 0 and no OCD)
G-Trick vom Haus Penz
SchH2, IPO3, KKL

Hips / elbows normal (Germany)

SG-Falko vom Zäschkenhof
SchH3, IPO3, FH1, KKL
Hips normal/ elbows fast-normal (Germany)
SG-Raja von der Knappenmühle
SchH1, KKL
Hips / elbows normal (Germany)
G-Briska de la Hutte du Berger
SchH3, IPO3, KKL

Hips 'A' / elbows '0' (France)

Maurice vom Pendel Bach
Hips normal 'A' (France)
G-Tara de la Hutte du Berger
SchH3, FH1, KKL
Hips normal 'A' (France)
SG-Witch von Wendelin
AD, PDC-SD, FPr1, SPr1

Hips / elbows normal (Germany)
Degenerative myelopathy : Normal, non-carrier
SG-Caro van Brandevoort

Hips / elbows normal ('A' - Holland)
SG-Jucan von Peroh
SchH3, FH2, KKL1
Hips / elbows normal ('A' - Germany, SV)
G-Ouchie von der Schiffslache
Hips normal ('A' - Holland)
SG-Gaby z Jeníku
ZVV1, StPr1, FPr3, IPO3, KKL1

Hips / elbows normal (0/0 - 0/0 - Czech)
SG-Atila z Kočičího dvora
IPO3, ZPO1, SchH2, ZVV1, KKL2
Hips normal (0/0 - Czech)
SG-Erky z Holýkova
Hips normal (0/0 - Czech)